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El Floridita

El “Floridita”, the Birthplace of Daiquiri

El “Floridita”, more than a restaurant a special place for your Cuba Holidays.

Once you are enjoying your all inclusive holidays in Cuba, you will have plenty of places to visit. However, there is a restaurant in Old Havana that you cannot miss in your holidays to Cuba. It is “Floridita” restaurant and it is located in the corner of Monserrate and Obispo streets in Old Havana, while you are there you will see that your Cuba Holidays are from this moment on better than ever and you will see why.
On your Cuba holidays El “Floridita” is not only a magic place because of its delicious meals and famous drinks but also because of the history that this marvellous place has gathered as time has passed by. While you are there spending your luxury holidays in Cuba you will have the unique opportunity of knowing that the history of the bar began with the opening of a tavern on the corner of Obispo Street in Havana City (1818): “La Piña de Plata” at that time was a sort of a pleasant site for the enjoyment of a drink or for chatting with friends while they were also on their Cuba Holidays, after wandering around several commercial establishments. Around 1820, Havana was the most fortified square of the Americas. The population was encircled in a walled polyhedron for its preservation against pirate attacks. It was the so-called city within walls; but there was another Havana, found outside the walls, beyond the stoned wall, a double demographic life was then lived in the city. In face of demolition, the owner promoted reforms in the old tavern. People from in and outside the wall came to the place to see its renovation. On the eve of its centennial, the affluence of American tourists that came to Cuba to spend their Caribbean holidays was such that prompted the owner to change the name. Then El Floridita emerged, a name with which the establishment became worldwide famous.

The Crib of Daiquiri: a place to be visited on your Luxury holidays in Cuba.

There is nothing better for the high temperature of Cuba’s weather that a fresh daiquiri cocktail and in your package holidays in Cuba, you will have the possibility of tasting this worldwide famous drink. Your holidays in Cuba will also give you the one in your life chance of being witness of the history of a man who became a legend. From the cays of Florida came a man who turned into a myth. Thus in 1914, a Catalonian, Constantino Ribalaigua Vert worked there as a barman. His ethics, respect for the trade and knowledge granted an immediate category to the establishment. The place became in 1918 the property of Constante, the name by which people called Constantino, and rapidly gained credit for the excellence of its beverages and the treatment of the chosen personnel, over time it became a powerful magnet, an unequal attraction. Once you are inside El Floridita as part of your all inclusive holidays in Cuba, you can travel in time and realize that around its varnished counter of precious wood, a large number of habitués used to gather, made up of a chosen group of personalities, many of whose names appear linked to the history of this bar. Nobody who visited Havana on their Cuba Holidays could escape from the special spell cast by the cathedral of daiquiri.

“Papa” in El Floridita: a history to tell on your Cuba Holidays.

On your Christmas holidays you will know that there is a man who is linked for ever to El Floridita and this link was made since the beginning of the 20th century. At the beginning of the 1930’s, writer Ernest Hemingway, famous by his book “The Old man and the Sea”, known by relatives and friends as “Papa,” began his frequent visits to Havana also in its Cuba Holidays. One noon of the year 1939, he went through the doors of the bar and sat down in the first stool of the left corner of the counter. It was his usual seat. Now it has remained in front of him, facing his bust, unveiled in 1954 by friends and admirers. Your holidays in Cuba will give you the unique opportunity of having a picture with this famous American writer because his image is still there, sitting in its usual and every day seat, enjoying its favourite drink. An experienced taster, the writer discovered daiquiri at El Floridita and, according to Antonio Melián, his favorite barman, he said: “...O. K., but I rather like it without sugar and with double rum,” and thus emerged the special cocktail that bears his name “Papa Hemingway”. This delicious and traditional drink can be enjoyed by you on your Cuba Holidays only at El Floridita Restaurant.
Only your holidays to Cuba will give you the possibility to know how little by little, Ernest Hemingway became a part of the legendary bar. With his frequent visits raised the number of friends Cubans and foreigners that he took to the place. Among the celebrities that accompanied him were: the duke and duchess of Windsor, Jean Paul Sartre, Errol Flynn, Gary Cooper (his dear friend), Dominguín, Tennesse Williams, Spencer Tracy, Rocky Marciano, Ava Gardner, Herbert Matthews... and you can be one of them if you come to El Floridita on your Cuba Holidays because any person that visit this magic place is for sure among Hemingway’s friend list. The photographs on the walls are proof of some of these gatherings, thus granting a special touch to the bar counter and the main hall. A photograph is also on the wall that couldn’t be possibly missed, that of one of Hemingway’s greatest admirers and with whom he also kept bonds of reciprocal friendship: Commander Fidel Castro Ruz.

The Floridita of the 21st century: the best option for your all inclusive holidays in Cuba.

You can be there on your Cuba holidays, when this famous restaurant celebrates its anniversary with a new spirit and with a history that have the characteristic of a golden legend. Nowadays, you can see with your own eyes as you are spending your luxury holidays in Cuba that this mythical place continues its beautiful tradition linked to Havana: a sign that is a whole symbol, a bar counter made with precious woods, the famous mural that in three sequences presents a panoramic view of Havana Harbor and finally the ingenious arrow-shaped taburetes of forged iron. Having a picture of this marvellous environment is an option only given to you by the Floridita restaurant in Havana city and only can be achieved while you are enjoying your unforgettable Cuba holidays.
As part of your all inclusive holidays in Cuba you can lean in the same counter where so many celebrities leaned, not less important figures also lean today in the bar as Jack Nickolson, Jane Fonda, Ornelia Mutti, Georgio Armani, Joaquín Sabina, Pablo Milanés, Silvio Rodriguez; the actors of the Cuban film “Strawberry and Chocolate,” Naomi Campbell, and many others that will make an endless long list and you can be part of this never ending list of friends that has visited this wonderful place on their Cuba Holidays. They all, Cubans and foreigners, personalities of world science and culture lead their steps toward the encounter with the birthplace of daiquiri while enjoying the Cuba holidays of their lifes.
El Floridita is still today the same magic place with a refined atmosphere and the sound of the guitars of its magnificent trios and the best to be visited on your Caribbean holidays. Beyond doubt, this is a place that has an unmistakable personality. Once you are sitting there seeing the beauties of this place, listening to the best of Cuban music, tasting its delicious dishes from the best of international and Cuban cuisine and delighting yourself with the exotic taste of one of the best and more famous cocktails in the world: daiquiri, you will realize why visiting El Floridita restaurant is your best choice on your Cuba Holidays. It is a complete party to your senses and an experience that once it is lived it will remain in your mind for ever. Once you taste Daiquiri you will never forget this magic blend of sugar, lemon juice, ice and Cuban rum, Havana Club, this wonderful blend will keep your body and your mind fresher than ever. Your visit to El Floridita on your Cuba holidays will offer you the chance of learning the original recipe by hard and try to prepare it at home to your friends while you are telling them how good you fell at El Floridita restaurant on your holidays in Cuba. The visit to this famous restaurant will fill the traveller with memories, unique experiences of unforgettable holidays in Cuba, which will be passed from generation to generation to keep alive the secular magic of El Floridita throughout the years. So, El Floridita restaurant keep the invitation and it is waiting for you to visit it on your Cuba Holidays

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Original painting decorations by cuban artist Sandra Dooley
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