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melia habana + melia varadero

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memories miramar + bella costa

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Know Cuba Like Us

Cuba holidays and Scuba

Cuba is a sea jewel box that opens for you the wonders its Cuba Holidays.


Cuba, located in the heart of the Caribbean Sea, is waiting for you to enjoy this marine Cuba Holidays. The island is surrounded by the Northern Equatorial Stream, the largest of the world that jointly with the Trade Winds, pushed Christopher Columbus to our shores from the Canary Islands. On the Atlantic, the northern branch of the South Equatorial Stream joined and bathes our archipelago on its way to the Yucatan Strait. Upon turning to the opposite side, its name changes: the Gulf Stream, passing by our northern shores. All the elements are settled for sea lovers to spend an amazing luxury holidays in Cuba.


An archipelago of lobsters, freshwater crabs, shrimps, prawns, turtles, green turtles, tortoise shells, groupers, rabirrubias, caballerotes, mangrove oysters, oysters, clams, octopuses, squids...and so other wonders of nature is at the reach of your hand on this Cuba Holidays. In a tropical weather, some 75 km2 of island shelf are the ideal residence of shellfish, fish and chelonian.


On your Cuba Holidays you can taste new seafood dishes that are not only delicious but also Aphrodisiac¡¡


Once you get to Cuba as part of this unique all inclusive holidays, you will realize that it is true that shellfish (specially the invertebrate ones, crustaceans and mollusks) have lived for million years. It is also true that man as soon as he stood up, caught them. It is also true that when the fire was discovered, shellfish were roasted, and man raised the pleasure of taste... But when passing from the Stone Age to Civilization, man granted to seafood, another delicious incentive...


Aphrodisiac! That's the way Egyptians and Greeks felt and tasted, and the Romans granted them the honor of opening their menus with them in their banquet. This sensual overestimation coincides with the scientific fact of its extraordinary protein potential, the most perfect protein ever known. Undoubtedly their slim bodies were the result of the consumption of shellfish and fish .All this delicious sea food dishes can be taste by you during your Cuba Holidays, and from this moment on you will know that Cuba has many marine wonders for you to enjoy in this summer holidays in Cuba.


Upon discovering Cuba, Columbus made this remark: "Well-made, well-shaped” and you will also state that as soon as you discovered the charms of this tropical Cuba Holidays. You will have a sort of sea corrals available that ensured the supply of this kind of food.


Scubacuba: The pleasure of diving in your Cuba Holidays.


 Once you arrive to Cuba with the strong idea of spending a marine Cuba Holidays, you will have to ask for SCUBACUBA; its brand-new trademark with specially-outfitted scuba diving centers. It offers the infrastructure for the enjoyment of diving for a special Caribbean holidays.


Cuba's leading company in nautical activities, has just minted the new trademark SCUBACUBA for its scuba diving centers, now embracing a number of indispensable requirements to guarantee visitors the best quality service money can buy and also guarantee that this Cuba Holidays are going to be special and unforgettable.


Scubacuba was created to lure thousands of scuba divers that like to enjoy their Cuba holidays in our country in the midst of this wide world of the underwater.


For a Cuba holidays happy and saved.


Visitors will have not to worry because this luxury holidays in Cuba are going to be really saved because banking on a highly trained, ACUC certified staff, the new trademark offers customers six 25 knots per hour boats recently built and bought in Italy. Each boat seats 26 divers and carries as many as 52 air compressed tanks onboard. Also available, 25 Yamaha brand speedboats for scuba diving buffs, each and every one of them equipped with 120 hp engines, German made Bahur air compressors and diving gear from the Mares and Subaqua brands. As you can see, every requirement has been taken onto consideration in order to make this summer holidays all the save and sound as it could be.


If you want to be a professional diver come to Cuba on your luxury holidays.


There are more than 20 scuba diving centers scattered all across Cuba and there are all waiting for you to visit them during your Cuba Holidays. Varadero's Barracuda Center is at the top of the list and featuring an ACUC (American Canadian Underwater Certification) trainers' school, plus an international self taught network training divers in different categories.


 The amount of visitor that choose Cuba for spending this kind of luxury holidays rises, grows and develops, and Cuba's linkage with that international organization makes the island nation part of the worldwide teaching system for that particular water sport. This condition makes it easier for visitors to learn all scuba diving courses now available in the world.


 SCUBACUBA was created thinking on you. As soon as you arrive to Cuba, on your next Caribbean Holidays you will know new diving techniques and programs, including diving modalities in coral reefs, walls, in sunken ships, in undercurrents and in caves and dunes, let alone offering eye opening shows starred by sharks, morel eels and other fish species, as well as great chances of doing nightly dives.


The breathtaking underwater real is the perfect setting for your Cuba holidays.


 In addition to its top quality Cuba Holidays, you have the chance of admiring the exceptional natural conditions of the Cuban environment with water temperatures averaging 24 to 28 degrees Celsius all year long, a visibility range 30 to 40 meters below sea surface and the total absence of either aggressive or man hurting marine life, not to mention one of the best preserved coral reefs under the sun. The breathtaking underwater realm is the perfect setting for your Cuba Holidays for those visitors that are adventure and fun seekers. For those keen to explore it, this world has some unimaginable surprises that liven up your spirit, your imagination, your senses and your Cuba Holidays.


A new discovery; the fear of the unknown; the exuberant marine life that lies in the sea bottom, and that sensation of freedom –coupled with increasingly higher self-confidence in both your skills and potentials- lead you to believing that you have finally found the perfect place for spending your all inclusive holidays in Cuba, giving you the possibility of meeting your inner self in this seemingly silent world. And I say seemingly because countless noises can be heard under the sea, even some of uncertain origin. During this Caribbean holiday, you can listen to a chewing fish, to an octopus deploying its menacing tentacles, or just hear raindrops splashing on the water surface. Scuba diving could really turn out to be a vital need for you on this package holidays in Cuba.


There are plenty of new experiences to live on your Holidays in Cuba.


As enthused collectors spending fortunes to buy a single mailing stamp, a snail shell, a cigar ring or a particular car make, plenty of divers on their Cuba Holidays flip planty of miles under the sea just to steal a look at the Sea Platform of El Canto del Veril –the heaviest wreckage in Caribbean waters (Maria la Gorda)- along the Pinar del Rio shore land, or swim through  Ensenada de las Barreras Cave –an underwater cave featuring astonishing stalactites- and its three huge coral-reef atolls. A trip to the Cuba with the sole purpose of diving under its waters can do the trick of this unique holiday in Cuba. On the other hand, taking a swim with jumping dolphins, scouring sunken ships, fishing out treasures –even working in underwater platforms- are adventures in which no hurdles appear too hard to overcome and experiences that you can not miss while being on holidays in Cuba.


The Caribbean is one of the loveliest seas there are for scuba diving and Cuba is one of the most beautiful places for spending your luxury holidays. It offers a one-and-only view marked by its gaping beauty, an assorted marine flora and wildlife, miles of crystal-clear waters and a variety of coral reefs that are penciled in as one of the world's largest reserves, second only to Australia's Great Coral Barrier.


Night and Scuba diving: an experience to remember on this Cuba Holidays.


People usually think of a clear, sunny day when talking about this thrilling sport. But, what about adding more adventure to this Cuba holidays and dive into Caribbean waters in the middle of the night?

Polls taken among several experts –especially the opinion weighed in by Alfredo Contreras Guitian from the Barracuda International Diving Center in Varadero and those who have read extensively on the matter- reveal this is no doubt a world packed with sensations in which experience and imagination go hand in hand and there is no doubt too that this Cuba Holidays are going to be just marvelous.


 There are plenty of visitors that together with certified divers go under the moon and for all of them piercing into the secrets of the ocean at night on their Cuba Holidays is a privilege they just can not pass up. Each try always brings something new: anxiety, skittishness, uncertainty, and fear for the unexpected dangers lurking in the depths and curiousness about the reaction to each and every one of those perils, however, all this feeling never shadow the light of this Cuba Holidays full of adventure. That is why this sport demands great mental and physical fitness, let alone a high concentration level chiefly when it comes to nightly diving. The latter takes plenty of experience and a certification in Open Water Diving or any other similar category.


Diving has to be done not only with pleasure but also with intelligence.


When you sail to a chosen spot and drop the anchor –after heeding the instructor's advice- you feel as if you were sitting on top of the world and this possibility is only given to you by this holidays in Cuba. Then, you check your gear, put on your goggles and swimwear, take a deep breath and lunge into the water with your partner in tow. Experts always recommend diving in pairs, for making your Cuba holidays even more secured and mainly when it comes to nightly diving. This particular kind of immersion requires equally special techniques and additional training. Your nighttime diving partner, therefore, serves as a protector, a companion and an underwater watchdog. Even though visibility in Caribbean waters generally rules out the need to tether diving partners to a special wire or cord, in other less clear locations both members must remain together and tied to the end of a rope.


A strong recommendation for every diving enthusiast on their holidays in Cuba, is that they should be familiar with the site they had previously combed in order to avoid unnecessary risks. On the other hand, artificial light is indispensable. When you submerge with a watertight flashlight in hand, you drive all worries off your mind and focus exclusively on enjoying the most of this Cuba Holidays in this bubble world you have dived into.


The best jaw- dropping show of your Cuba Holidays.


 As soon as you enter to the water on this Caribbean Holidays, you are going to imagine that flying is an experience quite similar to what you are going through at that moment. The clearest indication that both your body and spirit are under the water is the tone of your inner voices going down to a whisper. When those voices are completely gone, you begin to feast your eyes on that jaw-dropping spectacle, the best experience of this Cuba Holidays.


With your senses on the lookout, you start hearing the rare underwater noises of the night as you unearth a new and unique universe, a new and unique Cuba Holidays that makes you feel that life comes to you in an assortment of colors and shapes.


In broad daylight, many underwater creatures crawling around the sea bottom –like mollusks and sea worms- are usually hidden in crevices, caves, shells or under the rocks. Nightly diving gives you the chance of feeling and glimpsing at the true marine Cuba Holidays, and also give you the chance of experience that life as scores of species get on the move and come out of their concealment. How many times has a sea cancer moved unnoticed in front of your very eyes? At night, however, this critter stretches its tentacles like a star to take advantage of the undercurrent and feed on bypassing organisms that get stuck in its suckers. So many new experiences are not going to pass unnoticed in front of your eyes on this Cuba Holidays.


Watching shellfish nightlife is a must-see on this summer holidays as most mollusks remain out of sight in daytime. There are shrubs, planktons and other species that glow in the underwater night. They have managed to make the most of lightlessness to tip the balance of nature to their side and put on an incredible show. That is the right time for hundreds of shrimps to come out, for lobsters to stumble out of their dens and hunt from atop the rocks, for gaudy and many-shaped fish to parade. And that will be the best time of your Caribbean holidays, the time when you shed a beam of light over them and see their eyes glimmering in the dark, that image cannot be beaten even by the craftiest surreal painters.


You can spend your Caribbean Holidays in Cuba and feel that you are in another planet.


The night and you also witness the octopuses' show of life, creatures that float freely in the dark and display their true colors after a daylong confinement. Eels, morel eels,

countless fish species, devil rays that come on and off, snails that traipse their way across the bottom, barracudas that watch you from a distance, shellfish, a variety of coral reefs, fluorescent seaweeds and much more, things that goad you into believing you are enjoying your Cuba Holidays on another planet.


Amid that nightlife, manmade light lets you capture colorfulness. The gray shroud that grows darker as you swim deeper is unveiled and you gaze at a lit world that sways between myth and reality and this is the exact touch of enchantment that this Cuba Holidays needs to be completely special.  


On you way up to the surface, you will know your world is richer now. You have been seduced by the sea and its sets of textures, shapes and colors and you go up with just a single thing in your mind that this Cuba holidays will be in your mind forever.


All of the above is a collection of experiences and sensations lived by visitors that have chosen Cuba for their luxury holidays in the sea. The one and only Caribbean is a giant scuba diving site for this sport's different modalities. The island of Cuba makes up long arch with peculiar and attractive spots of its own for nightly diving.


 The best diving sites waiting for you on this summer holidays.


Besides many of the aforesaid sites, there are lots of other equally attractive choices that will lure you for sure on this Caribbean holiday.


On this holiday in Cuba, you may travel to a special place with several centuries of history buried in the coral reefs, and plunge into the underwater paradise of the island's east coast where the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean are split apart by an array of islets leading to Cayo Largo del Sur. There you can dive into the depths and scout a peerless panorama of coral reefs, or perhaps go searching for millenary treasures like the finding of a 500-lb. cannon that belonged to a vessel that sank during the British invasion of the island. The cannon is currently in display in The Real Fuerza (Royal Force) Castle. You bet these are fascinating adventures for you to live on this Cuba Holidays especially in a nightly setting.


 Las Playitas (Little Beaches) –located in the central south of Cuba in the province of Cienfuegos- is a genuine diving gem and another option to take into account while spending your diving Cuba Holidays. The submarine tableland has fostered the development of a variety of coral clusters. There divers will happen on highly dense and compact reefs, isolated colonies of petrified corals and layered slopes with caves leading to the open sea all along the southern barrier. This particular spot harbors almost all of the Caribbean's coral species.


For their part, the Whaleshark Diving Center is also located in Cienfuegos and offers the possibility of diving through huge vertical walls –whose edges can be made out from just eight meter deep- full of caves, canyons, tunnels, tropical dunes and schools of tunas among other motley species. Taking pictures of those beauties is an option only given to you by your all inclusive holidays in Cuba.


“El Colony” is also other spot that is waiting for you in this holiday in Cuba. It is located in La Isla de la Juventud (The Island of Youth)  is one of the most covered areas lying just a couple of kilometers from the coastline and known worldwide as the best place for scuba diving in Cuba. There you could be lucky enough to spot both red and black corals, an amazing variety of fish, turtles, devil rays, harmless sharks and other species.



Flipping freely through the sea is very much like flying.


Cuba is the best unmatchable destination among scuba divers that like to spend a five star holidays in Cuba. Hemmed in by peaceful seas and an annual average temperature of 24 degrees Celsius, its 60,000 square kilometers of insular platform boast an abundant marine life: 850 kilometers of gorgeous coral barriers and an eye-popping ecosystem that embraces 778 species. Most of these reefs are perched on the Sabana-Camaguey Archipelago, whose 450 kilometers are considered the world's second-largest coral barrier. In Cienfuegos' Yen Faro Luna, divers can take a peek at the Our Lady of the Caribbean, a 14-meter-high column-shaped coral that ranks as the biggest in all of Central and South America.


This bubble world you splash into puts worries in the back of your mind and lets you focus on a completely different kind of universe.


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