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Havana Nightfile

Cuba Holidays: the best way of living Havana's nightlife for travelling bohemians.

When the night closes in, Havana is packed with great choices for any tourist who on this holidays in Cuba, really wants to reach out for its soul and unearth the many secrets that have put the Cuban capital on the map.

As the moon slowly roams the sky, the Cuban capital opens up to places where you can spend the night away and enjoy the most marvellous time of your all inclusive holidays in Cuba.

Music shows and dancing are the main courses in a nation that proudly presents an array of quality offers that will be waiting for you on this luxury holidays in Cuba. Nightspots vary and rhythm is what really tells its residents apart. During your summer holidays you will find that there are places galore to enjoy the good Cuban music, from timba, rumba and feeling to bolero and troubadours. Foreign beats also feature Latin jazz, salsa, rap, hip-hop, rock or classical music.

Yet there are some special sites that time and tradition have turned into must-sees.

Its majesty, Tropicana

When night starts in Cuba and you like to spend the best of your Cuba Holidays you have to go to Tropicana. The king of Cuban cabarets is no other than Tropicana, the world-class nightclub that pays tribute to its name of being A Paradise under the Stars. With over six decades under its belt since its grand opening in 1939, its stages have been praised many top acts. Your Caribbean Holidays are not going to be the same if you do not visit Tropicana on these spectacular holidays in Cuba

The king of Cuban cabarets, Tropicana, is the most famous of all Cuban Cabarets and its glory and fame has gone beyond Cuban frontiers because there is no place in the world where you do not hear of the wonders of this world wide famous cabaret. This Cuba Holidays are going to be different from the moment on that you stay on this exotic "Paradise under the Stars". With over six decades under its belt since its grand opening in 1939, its stages have been praised by such top acts as Nat King Cole, Josephine Baker, Los Chavales de España, Carmen Miranda and Pedro Vargas. That was a time when Tropicana was world's best-known cabaret. According to researcher Leonardo Acosta, the nightclub also housed Havana's Jazz Center back in the 1950s.

While enjoying this magic Cuba Holidays on the most beautiful of Cuba´s cabaret you will find out that its jam sessions were star-studded with some of the premiere Cuban maestros. From the turf, some of the top performers and entertainers who have climbed onstage through the years include Bola de Nieve, Rita Montaner, Elena Burke, Omara Portuondo, Los Papines, the larger-than-life dancing couple of Ana Gloria and Rolando, Celeste Mendoza, Celina and Reutilio, Rosita Fornes, Celia Cruz and the unforgettable Fire Brown Girls.

Admiring "The Magic of the Drums" will be an experience to remember on this Cuba Holidays.

On this summer holidays in Cuba that will be full of music, joy and tradition, Tropicana will show you that this is not all history. Today, Tropicana has even spun off similar cabarets in Matanzas and Santiago de Cuba. The nightclub's dance company has made presentations in other countries around the globe and the show –as good as ever- features some great solo singers and a new concept that keeps the original idea that made it famous up and running. Veronica Castro, Alejandra Guzman, Norma Duval, Moncho and Mocedades have been some of the latest performers.

Only spending these holidays in Cuba you will be witness of the most beautiful show of the world. Under the leadership of art director Santiago Alfonso, Tropicana: The magic of the drums is now coming on every night. Alfonso's new show fits harmonically in an architectonical setting that provides a perfect natural backdrop of leafy tropical vegetation. Tropicana Cabaret continues to steal the limelight as the undisputed king of Cuban nights and this majestic place will make of your Cuba holidays the best time you have ever spend.

Tropicana Varadero, an unforgettable tropical night on your summer holidays.

Varadero has much more to offer you on this Cuba holidays than its beach, sun and sand. There is a beautiful place waiting for you on this unique Caribbean Holidays in Cuba. This new night club was built at the road out of the city heading to Varadero Beach, at just 20 minutes away from this important tourism cluster and it was built thinking in visitors like you that prefer Cuba rather than other countries as the magic place where to spend their luxury holidays. Tropicana Varadero rises on the left bank of the Canímar River, in an area of lavish vegetation rendering a unique attraction. Its privileged position turns it into a magnificent balcony from where one can see the majestic river mouth, the bay entrance and most of the city.

Once you are in Tropicana Night Club in Varadero enjoying your all inclusive holidays in Cuba you will find yourself in a 5-star facility with a capacity for 416 persons that also has a cafeteria, a snack bar, a lookout, and two stores, therefore, all your necessities will be satisfy in a place that really is worth to visit on this holidays in Cuba. An art gallery is to be opened soon with an exhibition and sales of works belonging to famed plastic artists from Matanzas and from other provinces of the island.

"Las Alturas de Simpson" will make you dance on your Caribbean Holidays in Cuba.

Las Alturas de Simpson, the title of the first danzón by Miguel Faílde in 1879, a native of Matanzas Province is the name of the magnificent show that you will have the unique possibility of enjoying as apart of this all inclusive holidays in Cuba. During the magic time of 1 hour and 45 minutes you will discover that distinction of this extraordinary cabaret lies on the harmonic combination of Cuban national dance with rhythms as the bolero, the rumba, the son or the guaguancó, among others.

Around 200 artists participate in this show that will change your Cuba Holidays into an unforgettable event, where top professional standards, colour and elegance in costumes intermingle, designed by Rafael de León, one of the most outstanding Cuban designers with the sensuality of a musical genre born in the 19th century, the strength of Afro-Cuban syncretism and the recreation of the water world, the sea.

A place for all kinds of celebrations is waiting for you on your luxury holidays in Cuba.

Julio Hervis López, Commercial Assistant Director expands on the many and varied ways through which visitors like you that have chosen Tropicana Varadero as the place to spend one of the most spectacular nights of their Caribbean Holidays in Cuba, could enjoy the privileges of the facility: "In the first place, one of the advantages is the short distance between the night club and the tourism cluster of Varadero which enables those individual customers can come by them. On the other hand, booking can be made in the offices of the same tourism cluster or in other important resorts of the island".

There are groups that choose this place for diverse motivations, they select it as the best place where they have spent their luxury holidays in Cuba therefore, they come to hold some celebrations as anniversaries, weddings, birthdays or just family reunions and this is another modality included in the services rendered by this destination. The night club is also included in the tourist packages of the Varadero cluster for those tourists that prefer to spend their all inclusive holidays in Cuba. "Rendering its services as an outside-the-hotel facility, being a part of the cultural life of the city with the holding of events, promoting the participation of invited artists and, in summary, contributing to the strengthening of the links between culture and tourism, are in fact the true aims of Tropicana of Matanzas," stated Leopoldo Gálvez Medina, General Director.

Parisian Cabaret: where music and joy go together.

There are others places where you can spend the most wonderful time of your Havana nights on this Cuba Holidays. The tradition goes on together with distinction in a place where your Nights of this luxury holidays I Cuba are going to be spectacular. The Parisian Cabaret lodged in the legendary National Hotel which is located at O and 21, Vedado, Havana, is also one of the great nightly offers of the capital city of Cuba. Back in the 1950s when the then 20-year-old National Hotel (it had been opened in 1930) seemed to be downplayed by the high-tech skyscrapers of the surroundings, its ballroom was turned into a casino where patrons could gamble the night away and watch a show. That was the beginning of the Parisian Cabaret, no doubt one of the great nightspots for having fun in Havana. Its red-hued hall can seat up to 280 people.

Everyday, guests and visitors alike can revel in the talented presentation of over a hundred professional hoofers. The nightclub is currently presenting a spectacle entitled Cuban Heat, featuring a grand tour around such civilizations as the Mayans, the Aztecs and the Incas, let alone a representation of Cuba's aboriginal lifestyle. The whole thing is sprinkled with Spanish details and a touch of the African tar brush. It will be the great show you have ever seen on this one of a kind Cuba Holidays.

Such musical genres as cha-cha-cha, danzon, rumba, salsa and conga round up a show presented by Cuban choreographer Rafael Hernandez will make your body moves on this amazing night on this Cuban Cabaret. As soon as a big band strikes up, the second part of the show kicks off and you will feel that the night is still young and you will have a lot more to enjoy on this magic night of your Caribbean holidays in Cuba , a holidays full of Cuban great food, Cuban Music and the best of Cuban liquors.

Next to the Sea, there is The Copa Room of Havana Riviera Hotel.

Coupled with the aforesaid cabarets, the Copa Room at the Havana Riviera Hotel which is located at Paseo and Malecon, Vedado, Havana city, completes a trilogy of classical Havana nightspots that are waiting for you to make of your Cuba Holidays an unforgettable memory. Tomas Morales, a top choreographer who worked at the Tropicana for a number of years, presents A Lo Riviera, a recreation of almost all Cuban musical genres. Thumbs up for the addition of a hoedown scene with a little bit of hick music.

A group of talented dancers backs up soloists onstage. The costume design is in the hands of Abraham, an imaginative fashion designer who meets the expectations of this kind of artistic presentation. The show also features skaters and circus artists. As you can see, this magic place, The Copa Room will change your Cuban Night into one of the most memorable nights you ever live in Havana as part of your all inclusive holidays in Cuba.

The Copa Room guarantees a fireworks closing with the presentation of top-notch acts. Its half-lit stage has witnessed the performance of Paulo FG y su Elite, Danny Lozada y su Timba Cubana, David Calzado's Charanga Habanera, Issac Delgado and His Orchestra, los Van Van, Adalberto y Su Son, and many other stars that make the ballroom shiver and guests shake a leg… or two on this musical Cuba Holidays. Great food and a varied assortment of drinks and cocktails will be waiting just for you on these Caribbean holidays in Cuba.

Almost Touching the Sky on this amazing Cuba Holidays

The Turquino Cabaret at the Havana Libre Hotel located at L between 23 and 25, Vedado, despite not having a traditional show, does have live music with top-rated bands onstage and a small-size dance company in tow. This Cabaret will also make you wish that this marvellous Cuba Holidays will never end. This is a place to find other charms. Unlike the Tropicana that rests under the stars, at the Turquino you can almost reach out and touch the sky. The nightspot features a spectacular bird's-eye view of Havana at night, undoubtedly one of the most breathtaking glimpses of the Cuban capital. From a height of 25 stories and through its huge glass windows, guests can look out at either the Vedado area or Old Havana. Looking at the sea, the bay, the streets, the life that goes on way below like a soundless movie and this is the most beautiful picture that you always remember as a souvenir of your special luxury holidays in Cuba. On the Turquino Cabaret, your Cuba Holidays will have a beautiful surprise for you and this is the ritual that takes place every night: the roof slides open and the stars shine down on the dance floor.

Different orchestras and bands play there every night. There is plenty of dancing room for everyone however, there is always a vacancy waiting for you to be occupied on this Caribbean holidays in Cuba. Patrons can also listen to playback music, especially Cuban and Latin rhythms. Food and drinks are varied and good-tasting. Cigar smokers have a delightful humidor close at hand teeming with top-brand from Montecristo, Partagas, H. Upmann, Vegas Robainas and Cuaba. All this will be waiting just for you at Havana's tallest and more downtown cabaret you ever visited on a Christmas holidays in Cuba.

Havana Cafe: For big-time enjoyment and memories on these Caribbean Holidays in Cuba.

There is a new and wistful spot in the Cuban capital that lures people from all around the globe to spend there al least one of the nights of their Cuba Holidays. The Havana Cafe brings back the very best of the past century, especially the 1950s, in the most tropical framework of today's Caribbean. Seating 400 clients, the Havana Cafe opens seven days a week from 8:00 pm and closes in the wee hours of the morning. This one-and-only nightspot had its grand opening in 1998 and since then it has been the place of choice for Italian, Spanish, British, French and others Cuba Holidays Makers.

Lodged in the upper floor of the Meliá Cohiba Hotel, right in the heart of Vedado and just a block away from Havana's seawall, this ideal place is riddled with those surprises everybody expects to have in a wonderful night of their holidays in Cuba.

The Havana Café is a nightspot with an off-the-wall decoration. Lodged on one of the corners of majestic and state-of-the-art Meliá Cohiba Hotel, the place provides a perfect atmosphere to stay up there until the wee hours of the morning of this magic all inclusive holidays in Cuba of yours.

A place with the most peculiar decoration is waiting for you to be discovered on these holidays in Cuba.

A Yak-37 plane tethered to the ceiling in the middle of the ballroom, a couple of '50-vintage cars –a '57 Chevrolet and a '56 Buick- a Harley Davidson hog bike, historic pictures on the walls alongside record labels, a gas pump and a Hemingway cut-out figure fixing his lovely Daiquiri are some of the attractions waiting for those determined to spend the night here. The whole room is a warehouse of objects, a tour around time from the 1950s all the way to date. Spending the night in such a place will make your summer holidays an event you will always remember.

Its peculiar decoration with a variety of elements that goes from a small plane, a Harley Davidson hog bike, a couple of '50-vintage classic cars to billboards and pictures and, above all, an ambience that highlights the music of those years, will make the Havana Café without any doubt a place for reminiscing on this Cuba Holidays.

Where the music is just more than a show

The show is excellent, backed up by live Cuban music, circus performers and entertainers. The dance company takes advantage of the space and decoration with great artistic sense and imagination.

Cuban bands make often presentations there and the main course is no doubt Isaac Delgado's performance. Whenever he is in Cuba, this Cuban musician known as El Chevere de la Salsa always shows up at the Havana Café for a nightly concert. Having the opportunity of enjoying one of his concerts is an offer only given to you by this amazing Cuba Holidays.

Visitors here can kick up their heels with the thrill of dance and love, sitting in a quiet corner tucking on some snack and listening to the best music in a show that features jazz, boleros and salsa performed by top-notch bands and solo acts. These world-class performers usually combine their talents in live presentations with techno music under the glow of dimmed lights. The show features the best salsa music with live presentations of top acts like Paulo FG, Isaac Delgado, Charanga Habanera, Pupi y los que Son Son, among others. As a matter of fact the night in Havana café is going to be one of the most memorable nights you have lived in Havana on this Cuba Holidays.

In this restaurant-show concept, the Havana Café offers an assortment of choices for even the most demanding customers.

The restaurant is another stronghold. The Havana Café pork chops, the Milanese beef scallops, the seafood and shellfish, the desserts and the cocktails make you feel like a sinner –in the good sense of the word- who is really sitting on top of the world thanks to this spectacular Caribbean Holidays in Cuba.

In this restaurant-show concept, the Havana Café offers an assortment of choices for everyone, even the most demanding customers.

The selection of a-la-carte light food with dishes specially designed to underscore the place's ambiance is really one for the books. A case in point is the Havana Café Special Chops, coupled with Super Nachos, chicken wings, onion rings, the Havana Café chicken and the traditional Caesar Salad. They all put on quite a show with the best local and international cuisine. Making your visit to this special place a party of senses, the best party you will have in Cuba on this Caribbean Holidays. The exclusive setting for a special dinner and plain relaxation, the finest gourmet offer money can buy and terrific music is everything it takes for an unforgettable night.

Guests can sip at the best cocktails from Cuba and elsewhere in a laid-back atmosphere where the likes of Benny More, Ernest Hemingway and Rita Montaner convey a heart-throbbing mist that wafts in the air all the time.

Havana Café: a spectacular and lovely place that has grown to be one of Havana's most charming sites for you to visit on this Cuba Holidays.

If you are the kind of person who likes taking keepsakes and souvenirs back home after spending this extraordinary all inclusive holidays in Cuba, a small store offers CDs, fancy jewellery and other gifts. Besides, we suggest you to take a look around the walls and see pictures of the rich and famous. The place has been visited by such stars as Naomi Campbell, Leonardo Di Caprio, Bibi Anderson, and major political and sport personalities. The place is a place with an Elf that will be with you on this mystical Night of your holidays in Cuba.

However, the great thing about this place is its location in the heart of Havana, unlike other nightspots around the globe that has been named after it. Indeed, this is a spectacular and lovely place that has grown to be one of Havana's most charming sites for you to visit on this Cuba Holidays. For a herd of diehard customers, the Havana Café is the right spot to spend a bohemian night under the best Latin style.

Being in the Top of the Line on this marvellous all inclusive holidays in Cuba

Among the recently opened sites to make Havana's nightlife even better for you on this luxury holidays in Cuba, the Macumba Havana is one worth mentioning. Located in La Giraldilla, at 22 between 222 and 37, La Lisa, it is an old-timed mansion in the outskirts of the city, this restaurant and recreational centre has everything it takes to meet your preference on this special Cuba Holidays. Equipped with cutting-edge light and sound technology, the ballroom presents a dance floor, karaoke contests and lively animation.

There was a time when the Macumba Havana staged shows directed by late Roberto Blanco, a well-known Cuban man of the performing arts who shone brighter than anyone else. Good taste is really the name of the game in this nightclub, let alone a top-of-the-line service. There you will watch great concerts by top orchestras and bands, and a chance to catch up with the latest CD releases. Visiting Macumba Havana will be a unique opportunity that your summer holidays in Cuba offer you.

There is a lot more for you on this Cuba Holidays.

There are other places around Havana to have a ball on this Cuba Holidays. Maybe their shows and presentations are not as glamorous as the top choices above, but they truly give you the very best of national and international music. Examples of those are: The Jazz Café, La Zorra y El Cuervo, Delirio Habanero Café Cantante Mi Habana, Ipanema, El Pico Blanco, ... and a whole lot more will be waiting for the travelling bohemians that prefer Havana as the magic place of their all inclusive holidays in Cuba.

There are also other places for visitors that like to add calm and feeling to their Cuba Holidays nights. You can find that and a lot of more in El Club Imagenes, El Gato Tuerto, and The Opus Bar, Dos Gardenias, among other places where music is for relaxation and joy on this Christmas holidays nights in Cuba.

For those Cuba Holidays Makers that like to put some humour to their nights we suggest places like Humour Club Cocodrilo, Café TV, El Mirador de Bellomonte, El Dorado where the best of the Cuban Humorist go every night to make you laugh and above all to make your holidays in Cuba an event to remember because it is full of laughter, joy and surprises.

Other Charming visit of your Cuba Holidays: a Peek out of Havana's Malecon

The seaside boulevard of the Cuban capital is perhaps –together with the Morro Lighthouse- one of the most emblematic symbols of the city, sung by poets and troubadours, written about by chroniclers and travellers of all time. This will be the best place for you to end your Cuba Holidays nights.

Havana's Malecon, a bustling driveway in broad daylight, is stormed at night by bohemians, lovers and troubadours who give the place a very romantic environment.

In a seafront city like Havana, sunset is the first gift prior to nightfall. Either from its Malecon, that long coastal jetty that holds up the sea on the northern shoreline, or from any building where the skyline seems to be close at hand, the spectacle comes as a blessing for staying up late. And this will be the blessing that Havana will provide to your Caribbean Holidays in Cuba.

The Havana´s Malecon is the best place in Cuba for meditation and inner pace findings. Seating on his legendary wall will give a sense of pace that you will never find in other place in Cuba. Seeing the sea, listening to the sounds of sea birds and feeling the marine breeze that touch your face will be an experience that you will never forget on this Cuba Holidays. The seaside boulevard of the Cuban capital is perhaps –the most visited place for lovers in Cuba- There is no a Cuban Couple that has not visit this enchanted place for declaring their love or even making marriage proposal so, we invite you, Cuba Holidays maker to come with your couple and joint to the Cuban love tradition and make your own love swear with the Caribbean sea as the unique witness.

The Malecon (Seawall) shows up. Like a water-shrouded kiss.

Havana is a charming city teeming with dreams and sensualities; a bustling, gleeful and eclectic burg. In it, the Malecon (Seawall) shows up like a water-shrouded kiss, a buss smacked with a few airs, a piece of heritage that for many is so full of moonlit romance and rendezvous, of nightly fishing and chats, of escapades to the horizon. Indeed, the most beautiful place that Havana can offers you to spend your Cuba Holidays nights.
Built in segments or stretches over a hundred years ago, the Malecon gives visitors that select Cuba as the place where to enjoy their luxury holidays, a hospitable and warm welcome. It keeps many secrets and has witnessed nostalgias of several generations.

Its grand opening harks back to May 20, 1902 –the first stretch spanned La Punta all the way to Belascoain Avenue. Construction works were finished in 1958 as it reached out to the west alongside the city's urban expansion.

Despite being exposed to the sweltering Caribbean sun, its naked walls accompany buildings, monuments, pieces of history which are the symbols of a national identity Cubans are so proud of. That is why Cubans invite you to enjoy and be part of the history and tradition of a place that will make your Caribbean Holidays in Cuba memorable.

Where history and tradition become a place for you to visit on your Cuba Holidays

Thus, the park featuring a sculpture of General Maximo Gomez, the Dominican native who fought in the 19th century independence wars, or the Maceo Park, also boasting a statue of the brave general, make room for passers-by to rest and feast eyes on the surroundings.

Havana overlooks the sea from this balcony that seems now to be ingrained in the lower reefs and cliffs and the city invites you during your all inclusive holidays in Cuba to also admire its beauties from the same balcony. Perhaps this privileged position prodded developers to build four hotels next to it: the Deauville, the National, the Havana Riviera and the Meliá Cohiba.

Dancing down the Malecon Avenue to the beat of carnival music is no doubt an unforgettable experience of this luxury holidays in Cuba. Down this magnificent six-lane highway –formerly called the Gulf Avenue- chariots and dance bands have pieced together a one-and-only show that lays bare the flavour that marks all Cubans and underscores the gladness of all Caribbean natives.

During your Cuba Holidays you will find out that more recently, the Malecon has turned out to be the meeting grounds of patriotic rallies, a token of the highest ethical and moral values of the Cuban nation clustered around the Jose Marti Anti-Imperialist Tribune and the Mount of the Flags, silent witnesses of jam-packed gatherings, cultural performances and a space of reflection for Americans of today and tomorrow.

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