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Know Cuba Like Us

Cuban Cuisine - Cuba Holidays

Cuban Cuisine is all about Singing and Eating.

Many people around the world dream of travelling to the Caribbean. Our lands have for a mighty long time been the choice of numerous trippers to spend their dreamed luxury holidays.

As far back as the 19th century, European imagination was spilling all over when people used to talk about this part of the planet that Admiral Christopher Columbus had helped put on the map in boldface letters when he wrote in his diary, "I beheld so many islands that I couldn't just pick which one I was to visit first." We can easily say that Christopher Columbus was one of the pioneers of the Cuba Holidays.

Overwhelmed by findings and surprises, he went on to scribble:
"I wanted to go there to set foot on land and take a closer look at so much beauty. I had seen a cape as green and beautiful as it can get, as all other things around these lands and islands are. I didn't know for sure which of them I was supposed to go to first. My eyes never get weary of beholding so many green and diverse beauties all around." We area sure that after enjoying your Caribbean Holidays in Cuba you are going to definitely agree with this wise man.

During this Cuba Holidays you will discover the recipe of the "Cuban Cuisine to the Music".

The Promised Land, the lost paradise so full of charms, was exposing itself to the eyes of Europeans. Our lavish nature was giving chroniclers of the Indies an assortment of incredible views that some of them even depicted in full details:

"The Indians' bread is called maize..."
"The Indian's bread called caçabi...."
"The plant of garlic is another great food..."
"The plant of batata provides good garments..."
"The cassava plant, which is a kind of tall shrub, Indians here uses it to cook stews..."

On this magic Cuba Holidays you will find out that the Caribbean, the first territory Spanish conquistadors found when they got to the New World, was a place where cuisine could not be any better at the time. Spices and certain foodstuffs were the first trading items these men knew.

From that moment onward, the dishes we eat today have been delicious enough to lure travellers to flock to these lands and to enjoy their all inclusive holidays in Cuba. But there is another Caribbean product that shares the limelight with scenery and food in this neck of the woods and that also influence on the decision of where to spend the travellers luxury holidays and this is music.

The original chants, dances and drum beatings performed by indigenous dwellers of these lands were little by little blending with rhythms brought by the colonizers.

Only through your Christmas Holidays in Cuba you will discover that music from Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, England and Netherlands, just to name but a few European sources were tossed into the melting pot of cultures that was taking a slow burn in the Caribbean.

Do no forget to taste the "ajiaco" on this luxury holidays in Cuba.

As centuries went by, ingredients chipped in by Yorubas, Congos, Carabalis, Bambaras, Beriberis, Angolans, Achantis and many other African civilizations were added. There is no doubt imagination was the basic cultural ruse used by those who had been literally plucked out of their lands, stripped of their material belongings and brought to the New World aboard ships with no clothes, yet full of ideas and thoughts. The finally result was the melting pot that produced this magnificent ajiaco (stew), as put by Don Fernando Ortiz, one of the all-time greatest connoisseurs of the Cuban culture and this is the ajiaco (stew) that you are going to enjoy on this Cuba Holidays.

Knowing the origin of this famous ajiaco will be an opportunity only given to you by tis amazing luxury holidays in Cuba. In his work entitled Human Factors of Cuban Identity, he described that particular dish with these words: "It's the most typical and most complex stew made of different vegetables, root vegetables and chunks of different meats. The whole mixture is cooked in boiling water until a thick broth is achieved, then it's seasoned with Cuban pepper (called aji in Spanish), thus forming the word ajiaco.

"People scoop from the pot what they want to eat; the leftovers are put aside for future meals.
"The following day, the ajiaco takes a new cooking dimension. More water is poured into the pot, as well as more vegetables and critters, only to be boiled again with far more pepper. And that's how, day after day, the unclean pot whose unscratched bottom is brimming with dregs of that thick broth, is once again ready to please patrons with a far tastier sauce and spicier flavour, though the taste of pepper is somewhat gone."

This exquisite definition gives flavour to your Cuba Holidays, seasons your thoughts and makes you think of the numerous ingredients that have been added to the Caribbean cuisine through the years, a culture seasoned by music and dancing in a non-stop fruition process.

On this all inclusive holidays in Cuba you dance and eat with the Cuban outcry " Caserita no te acuestes a dormir......".

In Cuba, while spending your Caribbean Holidays you will dance and eat and relish the spilling sauce that dribbles out of the swinging hips, shoulders, hands and faces of those who shake a leg. It is all fun that can be both tasted and watched at the same time.

No wonder that in our music, themes about food are used by performers to arouse a sense of sensuality and sexuality that is felt and breathed up in the air.

You will find yourself singing typical Cuban songs like "If you wanna get my fish, I'll give it to ya," on this spicy Cuba Holidays.

Food, a basic thought for those who have had the need to get by, is the main theme that has sprung up from the bottom of these Caribbean lands:

Pop culture has since long marked our Caribbean region. We can not think of any of our countries and islands being deprived of the traces and footprints that our humblest dwellers have left along the way. Our music is teeming with the sounds and beats of conucos, solares, corner jams, funeral chants and so many other popular scenes. In them, the topic of food pops up time and again, as if it were trying to underscore the desires and scarcities of the population. Eating and singing seem to be a permanent presence in our region. On this Cuba holidays you will discover that this way of living will makes you feel happy, free and easy going.

Listening to the outcries used by street vendors to hawk their goods in Cuban streets will make you travel back to the Cuban Colonial centuries in a journey full of history and tradition, a magic trip on your all inclusive holidays in Cuba. The outcries have also served to make music.As example of that is the legendary song singed by Rita Monataner "Caserita no te acuestes a dormir sin comprarme un Cucurucho de mani"

During your Cuba Holidays you will experienced that verbs like eat, sing and love define the existence of the Cuban people.

From one Veracruz cafe, people still can hear the echoes of Augustin Lara's voice crooning a song that goes like this:

"I bring you coconuts / who wanna buy them for me? / sweet milk coconuts / of sweet and clear milk," and then turned to one or two romantic tunes: "Some people say / coconut milk is haunted / if that were the case / I'd give some to the girl I love."

During your Cuba Holidays you will experienced that verbs like eat, sing and love define the existence of the Cuban humblest people, as a way of stressing their way of being and living in this world, as a way of sweetening the bitterness of life. In them, we have come into a cultural inheritance full of values that belong to no one else but us.

The lyrics of A Beautiful Bunch of Ripe Bananas, that have for centuries made the lives of labourers and wetbacks less miserable in the banana plantations, was put on the map by the great Harry Belafonte, a famous singer that is also a Cuba Holidays maker.

Whoever arrives in a Cuban Flight to spend its Cuba Holidays with us is welcomed by a popular phrase: "The table is served." When you hear that, all you need to do is do exactly as another popular song says: "Let's eat!"

The traditional Cuban cuisine is full of representative dishes that you are going to taste while enjoying your Cuba Holidays.

The typical Cuban cuisine has plenty of delicious dishes that you are going to taste while enjoying your holidays in Cuba. An example of this is Funche –a close relative of fufu from the need to get by- is an easy-to-cook recipe that gets usually mixed up in Cuba with what we call Corn Flour.

Only as part of your Caribbean holidays in Cuba you are going to discover that countless dishes of jerked meat are served on Cuban homes nowadays and all of them have to do with that "Negro's food" that saw the light of day centuries ago and that used to be imported from such faraway places as Rio de la Plata.

Knowing the origin and history of some of the traditional Cuban dishes will be an experience to be lived in this all inclusive holidays in Cuba. Jerked meat and codfish were then mixed with other items to make the diet of black slaves. The tradition has lived out and those produces now sit on Cuban tables, accompanied by others provided by the Americas, like tomatoes, potatoes and, above all, corn or maize. Little by little, those foodstuffs set up the dietary underpinnings of the slaves' own offspring, the same descendants that now break Olympic records.

The Fufu: A legendary recipe that you will take home as a souvenir of this Cuba Holidays.

One of the best-known dishes is the so-called funche or funshi, depending on the part of the Caribbean where it is served. Originally, it was made by mixing mashed plantains with codfish or jerked meat, a variant that hooks it up with what Cubans call fufu and that is equally eaten in other regions of the Americas. According to Don Fernando Ortiz, the late Cuban sage, that habit also hails from Africa. Do you want to prepare it at home when you return from these golden holidays in Cuba? Your Cuba Holidays offers you the recipe as a souvenir of the wonderful time you spend in Cuba.


2 cups of dried corn flour
3 cups of boiling water and a pinch of salt

Pour the corn flour little by little into a pot with boiling water and whip it till it gets thick and cooks well. The mixture must be doughy and could be mixed with small dices of meat, jerked beef, cracklings, pork meat or shellfish. Lightly fried tomatoes, onions and garlic cloves can be added.

Rum is also used on the Cuban Cuisine.

There is other experience that you will not forget on this tasty Cuba Holidays; this is that Rum can also be used in cooking. Practice has confirmed that liquors and rum can be used to complete many red-meat and white-meat recipes, as well as in desserts and fruit salads. This will be an exotic touch to this unique luxury holidays in Cuba.

There are plenty of examples of the use of rum in Cuban Cooking with more than satisfactory results. Tasting these delicacies will be an unforgettable experience of this Caribbean Holidays in Cuba. Many Cuba Holidays maker can not longer think of that Cuban dish of black beans without the aromatic touch provided by a good cup of red wine in the nick of cooking time. Shrimps seasoned with red hot peppers –so much coveted in Cuba, Puerto Rico and Santo Domingo- take in some white wine and beer, let alone the tasty rice and chicken and the respectable chicken fricassee, so popular in the entire Spanish-speaking Caribbean.

Your Cuba holidays are going to be happier after tasting these amazing recipes.

White rum is the nitty-gritty pour when it comes to cooking roast pork on the Cuban-style stuffed roast meat, as well as red wine is a must when doing rabbit and white wine ought to be close at hand when grilling pheasant. In Cuba, the so-called dry wine is widely used in seasoning stews and mixed rice. Your Cuba holidays are going to be crazier after tasting these amazing recipes.

Cuban rum, white wine, red wine, sherry, beer, dry wine... you name it! There are other recipes, though, that perfectly take either silver-dry or golden rum during the cooking process. While enjoying this luxury holidays in Cuba you will get to the conclusion that –and practice has been a true confirmation- that dry wine and other wines, as well as cognac, brandy and whiskey can really be replaced by rum in almost all red and white meat recipes; not to mention there are some desserts that will never pack a tasty wallop if they lack the magic touch only the gleeful spin-off of sugar cane can provide. Just to relate a handful of cases in point, rum is a special ingredient in fruit salads. And after having the opportunity of tasting it you do want to talk about those delicious guava halves sprinkled with drunken cheese that you eat on this Cuba Holidays.

Secret Recipes to share with your friends while talking of your previous Holidays in Cuba.

As an example of the experiences that you have the chance of living during your Cuba Holidays eating the wonders of Cuban Cuisine, there is a couple of recipes that you can take home in order to show your friends why you choose Cuba for spending your Caribbean Holidays.

Isla Bella Sauce

Put some mayonnaise and ketchup in a bowl. Pour some golden rum and orange juice until you churn out a homogeneous mixture. Add a pinch of salt and pepper. Sprinkle some thinly sliced parsley on top. And all the memories of your previous Cuba Holidays will come to your Mind.

Red snapper a la rum

Skin and bone a red snapper of approximately 7kg. Season it with peeled and crushed garlic, salt, bay leaf, thyme, chard, coriander, tomato, onions and lemon juice. Slice 900g of peeled potatoes and put them in a baking pan. Smear the fish in cooking oil –especially the head- and wrap it up in foil paper, equally oiled. Put the red snapper in the baking pan and add ¾ lt. of concentrated fish broth plus a whole bottle of silver-dry rum. Keep the baking pan in the oven at 300 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes. When that time is up, take it out of the oven and remove the foil paper thoroughly. Sprinkle the red snapper once again with the seasoning sauce and the remaining broth and rum contained in the baking pan, only to put it back in the oven without the foil paper. Pour little cups of the remaining quarter of fish broth and the rum to let them soak well into the red snapper. Keep an eye on it every now and then to prevent it from getting overcooked. When it is ready, strain the seasoning and the sauce, pour them both on top of the red snapper and serve with lemon slices. After all this process prepare a table for two with candles and ask your couples to come along in order to agree when your next Cuba Holidays are going to be.

Rancho Palco: a place of recreation of the Cuban Cuisine.

Cuba is an island full of attractions. It is world wide famous for its beautiful beaches, its refreshing cocktails and above all its delicious cuisine. Tasting the magic of Cuban dishes is a strong reason for deciding to spend your holidays in Cuba. Cuban cuisine is famous for the tradition and quality of its specialities. There are plenty of places that you can visit during this luxury holidays in Cuba in order to treat your palate to the finest Cuban food and the bouquet of your favourite wine such as: El Floridita, El Comedor de Aguiar, El Cafe del Oriente, among others that are famous for its elegance, refinement and distinction however there is a place that you have to visit on this all inclusive holidays in Cuba and it is Rancho Palco. Open since 1979 for the Sixth Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement (NOAL), the Rancho Palco continues to be an excellent place to wallow in the finest Cuban food.

Once you get to this special restaurant during this also special Cuba Holidays you will see that it is trapped in the middle of a series of eclectic or modern buildings that singles out the Cubanacan neighbourhood in Havana's west side, a typical countryside restaurant serves the tastiest and most genuine dishes of Cuban Cuisine.

El Rancho Palco is a peculiar spot of Havana; not only for the gourmet quality but also for the ambience the restaurant is perched on, hedged by lush foliage and a special touch of its own. These tasty Caribbean holidays in Cuba will reach to its top when you taste the delicious dishes that Rancho Palco offers you from the traditional Cuban Cuisine. The culinary excellence of its Chefs has made of this place a memory maker.

Your Cuba Holidays will be seasons with the best ingredients at Rancho Palco Restaurant in order to make it truly delicious for you.

Very close to the International Convention Center, the Palco Hotel and the School of Arts, and hidden behind a lavish patch of royal palm trees, yagrumas, ceibas and ciguarayas -the latter is a sacred tree for worshippers of Cuban-African deities- El Rancho appears to be the perfect place to stay away from the noisy city life and choose from an assortment of 80 Cuban and international dishes and it is as well the perfect place for the enjoyment of your Christmas Holidays in Cuba.

Once you enter to this marvellous restaurant as part of this all inclusive holidays in Cuba, you will have the privilege of being receive by Mr. Pedro Baez and Mr. Jorge L Valdes, the restaurant's general manager and maitre respectively, who will explain you that Cuban red meat is the key to success at El Rancho, with special offers dominated by onion-seasoned beef steaks that come with rice, black beans and French fries. However, this plate may be combined -depending on individual preferences- with rice and beans, malanga, sweet potatoes or plantains, usually served with cheese-and-meat balls, malanga fritters, fish cocktail or croquettes as hors d'oeuvre.

To wash it all down, patrons can pick all-Cuban beer, soda or mineral water, though a small extra charge will let you skim through a menu card of 100-plus wines from the world's finest brands. This special offer comes at an amazing price, considering the quality of the helpings and the fact that you may eat as much as you can to quench your appetite. As you can see, your Cuba Holidays will be seasons with the best ingredients at Rancho Palco Restaurant in order to make it truly delicious for you.

Chef Raul Manuel Chao: a man full of secrets of the Cuban Aphrodisiac Cuisine.

This amazing Cuba Holidays have reserved a special surprise for you and that it to have the possibility of meeting in person the world wide famous Cuban Chef Raul Manuel Chao. Only on these holidays in Cuba you will find out that he was born in Bauta in 1962. Hailing from a breed of chefs and cooks, he graduated from the National School of Hotel ad Tourism and from the Course of Hotel Chefs in Spain's Seville. He is been in the gourmet business for 17 years and has worked at the Triton Hotel during the Sixth NOAL Summit back in 1979; the 1982 Central American and Caribbean Games; the Orbis Project and other events. He also had stints at the Bello Caribe and Comodoro hotels, and now at El Rancho, where you will have the opportunity of tasting his famous aphrodisiac recipes. He also wrote 100 Plantain & Banana Recipes, a book that grabbed a prize at the 1998 National Science & Technology Forum. Though he excels in international cuisine, he admits he prefers Cuban food. Speaking of his aphrodisiac recipes, Chef Raul Manuel Chao has one of them for you as a gift on this Cuba Holidays at Rancho Palco.

300 grams of beef (one helping)
5 grams of garlic
10 grams of onions
5 ml of cooking oil
3 grams of salt
2 grams of peppers

Slice and clean the meat. Season it with salt, pepper and garlic. Smear some cooking oil on a frying pan and cook the meat for five minutes as you add the onion to squeeze out the Cuban-flavoured seasoning.

The plate is garnished with tomato slices and diced vegetables -like parsley- and rinds of lemon.

On Rancho Palco they work to make your dreams come true.

After tasting it you will realize that this is the best gift that everyone would receive as a memory for unforgettable holidays in Cuba. Some day your couple would need a pleasure memory. Some day your partners will appreciate to come back to the place where the most profitable business of the enterprise was signed. Some day, your son will ask you to repeat the family encounters that save that celebration. Some day your whole family will beg you to return to the place that thy love the most on the previous Cuba Holidays.

My Gourmet passion is going to be your passion too.

Having the opportunity of knowing in person and talking to one of the celebrities of Cuban Cuisine Mr.Yamir Peregrino is a unique opportunity only given to you by this Cuba Holidays. Mr. Peregrino has deserved the title of Commandeur bestowed by the Bordeaux University of Wines in France and the Wine Brotherhood in that same French city. He acts as president of Cuba's Sommelier Club and A+B director of the Havana Libre Tryp Hotel, owned by Sol Melia Hotels. He graduated from the Havana Law School and has since then taken a number of specialized courses on hotel management and tourism. He has Master's degrees from the Barcelona Hotel School in Spain, and the Wine & Spirit Education Trust and the London Metropolitan University in the UK. He's currently an assistant professor at the Sommelier School of the Havana Higher School of Hotel and Tourism. As you can see, talking with such an expert of Cuban and International Cuisine will be a gift on this all inclusive holidays in Cuba.

He is the author of the world wide famous book "My Gourmet Passion", that can be read by you on this Caribbean Holidays in Cuba. This all-embracing book –the author says- stirs up good taste and takes readers on a grand tour around the basics of gourmet, all of its products, attributes and services.

A book that is a Masterpiece of the Cuban Culinary Arts will be waiting for you on this Cuba Holidays.

Its publishing has panned out to be a steppingstone in Latin America since it is the first work on this topic ever published in the continent. "Europe has always cultivated the good taste and knowledge for the gourmet," Mr. Peregrino points out. "This volume shows what we can do, from our humble habitations, about good tasting, just as much as royal courts have always done in classic Europe." As you can appreciate this book is a masterpiece of the Culinary Arts in Cuba and it will be waiting for you on this Cuba Holidays.

The forewords lay bare the history of food, wine and, as odd as it may sound, judicial matters related to wines since the prologue was written by Havana University Emeritus Professor Julio Fernandez Bulte.

The moment you start skimming through the pages, new and peculiar things begin popping up before your very eyes. Form Chapter One, "Why Gourmet?" all the way to the last words, the book speaks volumes of historic figures who have dedicated their entire lifetimes to unravel the secrets of wine and everything else having to do with it, from the brewing process to the uncorking of bottles. Reading his book and having the possibility of taking it home as a souvenir of this amazing Cuba Holidays will be experiences that you will never forget.

Your Cuba Holidays will have a new touch of charming giving by the refinement of Gourmet.

Mr. Peregrino tells us about gourmet matches between some of the world's best-known dishes and drinks in bars everywhere. He also delves into the history of beer, cheese, ham, foie gras, truffles, caviar, oysters, vinegars, olive oils, waters, ice, salt, pepper, chocolate, coffee and food additives, plus a suggestive chapter devoted to ties between eroticism and gastronomy, let alone one chapter designed to underscore the most autochthonous of all Cuban produces: the Habano. In this part of the book, Mr. Peregrino reveals a detailed recount of tobacco, from the harvest to the hand-rolled cigar. The author confesses he is always been head over heels with Cuban Habanos. In all, the book is made up of sixty chapters that capture readers with a unique out-of-a-novel style to take us into the wonderful world of gourmet. When you finished reading the book we are sure that your Cuba Holidays will have a new touch of charming giving by the refinement of Gourmet.

When asked about his goal behind this book, Mr. Peregrino said, "I'd like it to be a reference book for both newcomers and connoisseurs. But above all, this book is made to quench inquiries about this quasi-taboo topic in the realm of gastronomy and cuisine, issues that authors have shunned through the years for fear of failing to go deep enough into them. Maybe we've been too bold in talking about certain gourmet matters or products, but we Cubans are never afraid of anything and we simply wanted to put our experiences in black and white for everyone to read. I must also say I don't want the culture of wines, dishes and all other products to be just dead letter, but to get down to the roots. More than being just a book about gourmet, I want this piece to be a work on general culture and knowledge all human beings need in their daily lives. We don't want to speak or write with words, but with our hearts." This Cuba Holidays will be as exuberant as you feel after having such a gourmet way of living your life.

You will meet "The Sorceress of Fusion" on this Cuba Holidays.

This magic Cuba Holidays have a last surprise for you on this trip through the Cuban Cuisine. It is related to the influence that Cuban Cuisine has on people from all over the world that has fall in love with it and decides to makes its own Cuba Holidays a little bit longer. This is the case Anne Marie which is some of kind of cuisine witch woman with a flair to blend ingredients hailing from both Europe and the balmier Caribbean lands. This Belgian chef has been in Cuba for five years and has prepared lots of recipes from her homeland at the gala dinners of the Habano Festivals. Attending to the Habano Festivals during your luxury holidays in Cuba, will let you know her in person and have the unique possibility of tasting her magic recipes.

Thanks to this Cuba Holidays you will discover that a fusion of virtues links this woman with the notoriousness of a cuisine sorceress. No wonder many execs ask Anne Marie to make very special dinners for them and their guests, including the top brass of Habanos S.A. Anne Marie Helena Cornelio Lauwers, a Belgian-born femme with a Cuban spirit that once decide to make her own Cuba Holidays longer that she first thought, has been fixing the opening and closing gala dinners of the Habano festivals over the past four years.

As part of this all inclusive holidays in Cuba you will have the chance of meeting her in person and finding out that like any good cook, she spends time mulling over her new dishes, based on the phases of the moon, some snail shells, the roar of the sea waves or the salsa music that blares out in bars and restaurants. For her, sauces are the heart of the matter, the key to a successful culinary creation and the note of perfection in any recipe, especially when it comes to catering to smokers who seek stronger and aphrodisiac flavours that are so likened to cigars. This Cuba Holidays of you will be a party to your senses: seeing the beauties of Cuba, listening to the traditional Cuban Music, smelling the nice aroma of Cuban Habanos and tasting the wonders of the Cuban Cuisine.

After this Caribbean Holidays in Cuba you will feel like Anne or Ana, as her workmates call her in love with Cuba and its magnificent Cuisine. She was born and bred in northern Belgium, close to the sea and in a home of musicians. She herself became a violoncello player and performed with her country's Symphonic Orchestra, touring the world since she was 17 years old. However, cuisine was her true passion, an art that really whetted her creativeness. She took culinary lessons in Brussels and graduated as a chef, ready to make her wildest dreams come true.

The Trip to Cuba: the first of a never ending Cuba Holidays.

We are sure that after spending this marvellous Cuba Holidays you will be like Anne that after touring New York, Europe, Asia and Africa, she learned about the Caribbean in Cuba, where she eventually settled down. Five years ago, she arrived in the island nation thanks to Spanish hotel chain Sol Melia. From there she jumped to the Havana Club, a fancy recreational centre for foreign executives and diplomats stationed in Cuba.

This time around, she'll be banking on the help of Cuba's Bismar Ramon Arias, the non-smoking son of a former cigar maker, who will be by her side during the cocktail party and gala dinner of the upcoming Habano Festival, scheduled for the EXPOCUBA Fairgrounds in the outskirts of the nation's capital.

"I am pure fusion."

This experienced chef has fixed previous gala dinners at the National Museum of Fine Arts, PABEXPO and El Laguito. But in this year's festival of the ultimate smoke, she will also be in charge of the welcome cocktail party on the premises of the museum, something that she eyes as a challenge for her and the culinary team she heads. This will be an experience to live on this luxury holidays in Cuba.

Ana remembers that in the beginning she knew nothing about Cuban cuisine, so she made up her mind to mix her origins with the exotic food of the island nation. The result was a blockbuster blend of flavours, scents and textures she feels extremely proud of and deeply pleased with; she makes up her mind an put no end to her Cuba Holidays as you are going to do after tasting her magic dishes. She once said "Before I began preparations for the gala dinner's menu, and since the topic is about fusion, I started asking some experts about the meaning of that term," "Cubans taught me many things and at the end of the day I understood that, basically, I'm pure fusion."

You will know the magical mix of Cuban Cuisine and Cuban Habanos on this Cuba Holidays.

Anne is planning to make it big this time around, turning to a mixture of meats and seafood flamed in wine, a delicacy that calls for a good cigar after patrons have pulled out their toothpicks. However, the key to success will be a montage of prunes, nuts, ginger, cinnamon and other aphrodisiac ingredients that match the flavour of Cuban cigars. The inspiring Oriental style will contribute the dessert, dipped in sauces that are expected to pack a wallop as well. There will be water in your mouth while waiting to enjoy this amazing menu as part of your all inclusive holidays in Cuba.

Spending your Caribbean holidays in Cuba will let get to the conclusion that Anne jumped a few years ago, she believes the blend of healthy food and smoke is simply irresistible. She likes cigarettes, but cigars –and especially Habanos- have a very special place in heart.

This prestigious cook has her own party of senses every day because she sees herself as a good dancer of Caribbean rhythms who loves salsa music and enjoys having fun and making the most of life all the time. That is why this Cuba Holidays wants to do with your time that every second counts while enjoying your holidays in Cuba.

Massimo Bottura is a Master of Italian Cuisine and a Lover of the Cuban one.

Love for the good cuisine, professionalism and a perennial desire to spend his luxury holidays in Cuba underscore this Italian chef's interest in the ultimate smoke.

Massimo Bottura is the chef and owner of Osteria Francescana, a restaurant located in the historic centre of downtown Modena, where he has acquired a deep sense of certainty and come of age that have been a great help in his trade. Mr Botura has always being in love with Cuba with its cuisine, its Habanos and the Cuban people that is why he usually likes to spend his Caribbean Holidays in Cuba.

The power of innovation and hard work has always been with him over the past ten years, a learning relationship fostered by such great teachers as Ferran Adria and Alain Ducasse, two of Italy's top culinary gurus.

His life is about a peculiar journey through tradition, innovation and the unexpected. Therefore, he prefers Cuba, a country full of tradition and regarding Cuban cuisine it is always in revolution. His formulas and recipes are peppered with classic and contemporary ingredients, let alone a combination of simple and complex cooking techniques.

Due to this fact, he is always open to new and thrilling interpretations of the Italian culinary art. As he puts it, "the important thing to me is to achieve a balance between form and colour to captivate the eyes of the customers. What is next is the balance among texture, temperature and flavour to please the palate."

"Swaying between tradition and innovation, I stand up for taste in order to generate thoughts," he insists.

Mr. Bottura did not let his friend to tell him the story of their Cuba Holidays, He came by himself.

During your Cuba Holidays you can find Mr. Botura on the Habano Festival because he is going to open a window of opportunity to come up with a menu of exception –yet preserving the identity of the Italian cuisine- for a bunch of international from such a high-end world as the realm of cigars.

He admits he only smokes every once in a while, though right now he's girding his loins to give a crack at the finest stories. That is why the Cohiba is his cigar of choice and indeed, that is why he likes as you do to enjoy his Cuba Holidays in this beautiful country.

On his last luxury holidays in Cuba he said: "When I first come to Cuba I fall in love with her. It was last year, during the Habano Festival, and I came as an aficionado. It was a pretty interesting experience in which the warmth and spontaneity of the Cuban people captured my heart. I was stunned at the beauty of Havana's architecture," he says.

"I also had the opportunity to tour Pinar del Rio's tobacco plantations and cigar factories in Havana. It amazed me to see the uniqueness of this product, its craftsmanship, its all-natural origin and its fascinating centennial history," Mr. Bottura concluded.

As you can see after spending this holidays in Cuba, anytime there are more people from all around the world which are in love with the beauties of our island. Every year the amount of visitors or let us call them by their name the amount of Cuba Holidays Makers increase and you can not loose the opportunity of being one of them. Do not let your friend tell you the story of theirs adventures in Cuba. Come and see with your own eyes that they are not laying when they say this is the most beautiful land they ever seen. And of course, do not forget to taste the best of the Cuban offers: it's delicious Cuisine.

The Cuba Experience is an independent ground handling agent, especialized in organizing your Cuba holidays and dedicated to provide quality service in order to make the utmost of your holidays in Cuba

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