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melia habana + melia varadero

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NH capri hotel + blau varadero

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memories miramar + bella costa

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15 reasons to spend in cuba your caribbean holiday - VIII

Guanahacabibes: the legend of a place that is considered a masterpiece of Nature.

The peninsula features two capes: Corrientes and San Antonio, forming the Gulf of Corrientes in the south, a vast and quiet location in the Caribbean Sea. The southern coastline of the peninsula is relatively high, dotted by isolated, gorgeous sandy beaches trapped among cliffs, reefs and crags that are waiting for you to discover them as part of your package holidays in Cuba. The northern shore, for its part, is muddy and covered by mangrove thickets.

The Guanahacabibes Peninsula is one of the chief breeding grounds for marine turtles in all of Cuba. Students from the University of Havana make voluntary beach patrolling as part of a college program for the study and preservation of marine turtles. If you area na ecologist too and like to visit and preserve this place we invite you to join us on this Cuba Holidays. The project is led by the Centre for Marine Research at the University of Havana. Life snaps into action as soon as you get to the peninsula: 150 bird species that include owls, wading goldfinches and hummingbirds. In addition to that, there are some 600 plant species, 30 different kinds of mammals, 21 reptile species and 19 types of amphibious critters.

The legend about the conservation of this rich heritage is spreading around these lands to guarantee that the Guanahacabibes Peninsula continues to be a natural paradise in the Caribbean and your favourite location on this all inclusive holidays in Cuba.

Some eight miles from La Bajada, Cuba's last coastal community, you are going to find Maria la Gorda Diving Center, featuring comfy rooms and breathtaking beaches of crystal-clear water, coral-packed bottoms and unforgettable sunsets. Moving to the west, some 36 miles, lays Cuba's westernmost tip: the Roncali Lighthouse, built in 1849, according to the plaque that crowns the entrance.

The Roncalli lighthouse, perched on Cuba's westernmost tip, was finally built in 1850. Taking a swim in the warm waters of Las Tumbas beach, not far from the lighthouse, is a gift to the senses and a marvellous offer on your Cuba holidays. The Dutch, on the southernmost tip of the San Antonio Cape also features a number of small horseshoe-shaped beaches of calm waters, which are waiting for you on your luxury holidays, such as: El Resguardo, Perjuicio, Caleta del Piojo, among others.

Maria La Gorda: an enchanted place to visit on your Christmas Holidays.

Specially designed for scuba divers and even though it is a wonderful option for all Cuba Holidays makers who are seeking a quiet, isolated place, the Maria la Gorda International Diving Centre is perched on Cuba's westernmost tip, halfway from Corrientes Cape.

Only during this package holidays in Cuba you are going to know more about the legend. The origin of the moniker the place was named after remains unknown. Rumours have it a Venezuelan Indian girl was brought to the premises by a pirate vessel and then abandoned there. Other people say the name comes from the daughter of a Spanish sailor whose ship wrecked in the region. Either way, the truth is that Maria la Gorda, some 88 miles southeast of the city of Pinar del Rio, has panned out to be a top-notch recreational centre with over a hundred sunken Spanish galleons lying offshore in the sea bottom. There's even word of fabulous treasures concealed in the Mexican city of Merida.

Intimate, quiet and famous for its see-through bottoms –labelled among the finest in the world- the sea platform of Canto del Veril is nearly 330 yards offshore and features as many as fifty diving sites close at hand. All of the enthusiast Cuba Holidays makers may enjoy a magnificent marine flora full of gaudiness and bottoms packed with gorgon species. Another choice gives divers the possibility of staring at walls shrouded by colonies of black corals, by far the island nation's largest reserve.
Birds are abundant because over a hundred different species –chiefly woodpeckers, parrots and tocororos- nestle around here during the winter season.

While enjoying your Caribbean holidays in Maria La Gorda you will have plenty of facilities such as: 55 air-conditioned rooms –all of them with phone lines and satellite TV- plus a magnificent restaurant and a superb diving centre providing the recreation money can buy.

Cayo Levisa (Levisa Key): another marvellous spot for your luxury holidays in Cuba.

Some 18 miles from La Palma, in the northern portion of Pinar del Rio, the wharf of Palma Rubia sees off boats that ferry sunbathers to Cayo Levisa, a key lying some three miles offshore. Bathed by the Caribbean Sea, this breathtaking piece of land harbours unexplored beaches of powder-thin sand will be available just for you on this luxury holidays in Cuba.

Within the huge diversity of species that inhabit the waters of Pinar del Rio, levisas (devil rays) are worth mentioning, the same critters the key has been named after. Once you are in Cayo Levisa as part of this package holidays in Cuba, you will have the opportunity of admiring the lavish tropical vegetation, ranging from coconut groves up in the north to heavy mangrove thickets along the southern shore, let alone the proximity of a gorgeous coral reef, give this place an abundance of ecosystems.

In addition, a good deal of sunken ships on the premises, plus legends of corsairs and pirates will make this Cuba holidays an event full of adventure and also makes the key a great site for scuba diving buffs. In all, Cayo Levisa provides 23 different diving sites.

Cayo Levisa: a virgin cay waiting for you to be discovered on this package holidays in Cuba.

The key is completely uninhabited, however, you can stayed at more than 40 magnificent air-conditioned cabanas equipped with phones, pay-TV, a restaurant, a snack bar, a store, a diving and recreational centre, catamarans, kayaks, water bikes and rental service of snorkelling gear.

As a complement to a wonderful sensation of peace and relaxation, your all inclusive holidays in Cuba will organize tours to the coral reef and visits to nearby Paraiso Key, an absolutely unexplored islet that could make any angler's day. Others could still feel the presence of Nobel prize-winning writer Ernest Hemingway, who used to saunter this place during his holidays in Cuba.

Far from the rattling noise of the big cities, the whole package is rounded out with the presence of easygoing and smiling local residents who are capable of making even the most strained and weary Cuba Holidays makers put so much stress to rest.
It's hard to wake up from such a daydreaming session. Only the promise of a possible return can make it up for the pain tourists feel upon departure.

Other places where spending your Cuba Holidays.

Soroa, other beautiful attraction of the area, offers Cuba's biggest orchid garden, whose 750 orchid varieties-out of which 250 are endemic- are ready to welcome visitors that on their holidays prefer to admire their colours and scents. This is a unique opportunity that you will have in your Package holidays to gift this beautiful flower, symbol of lasting love to your beloved couple. In Soroa, you can climb up to the lookout, walk through paths in the vegetation searching for plant and animal species or go alongside the Manantiales River admiring its famous waterfall and bathing in its medicinal springs. Or you can visit the ruins of formerly French coffee plantations.

Las Terrazas Tourist Resort, in Sierra del Rosario, a special place for spending your Cuba Holidays, boats amazing landscapes in a protected area with more than 800 plant species and 73 different kinds of birds. This population is largely endemic. In the surroundings are the sulphurous water baths, the springs of San Juan River, the ruins of French coffee plantations and several camp sites. You can be one of the thousands that take Cuban flight to swim in those medicinal waters.

The Laguna Grande Hotel is an interesting place to rest alters a long hike. It offers a dozen of air-conditioned log huts equipped with fridges, private rooms, radio sets, cable TV, in-room VCR projection, hot and cold water service, restaurants, a game arcade, parking lot and bar. All these offers were create to make your Holidays in Cuba an unforgettable event. Despite the humble look typical from traditional Cuban huts; this is a charming and comfortable lodging where absolute silent is the name of the game. If you are fun of quietness and rest, you will choose this hotel among all of Cuba Hotels. It is spotted on the edge of the former Algodonal Lake. As the sun begins the set, a horseback ride along the border of the lagoon puts a perfect ending to such an unforgettable Cuba Holidays.

Abra del Ancon, Sierra del Infierno, Valle de las Dos Hermanas, Hoyo de Jaruco y Valle San Vicente add to the world best tobacco plantations, the Botanical Garden of Caridad and Los Acuaticos 's farmer Community, whose inhabitants cure their illness with water.

A Leaf from Vuelta Abajo

Yet, speaking of your Cuba Holidays in Pinar del Rio would never paint a complete picture of the place if we do not refer to tobacco that plant whose leaves are plucked out every year to make the world's best cigars.

Down the national highway and after a three-hour drive, you get there in a hassle-free journey. Farther to the west, the road to Sierra del Rosario is crowned by the Pan de Guajaibon Peak, the highest mountain in the region with 7,524 feet above sea level. Down to the south of the province's main city, lie the plains of San Juan y Martinez, the Tobacco Capital of the World. Its plantations –some covered by gauze and others out in the open where the delicate leaves rest- usually portrays a harvest in full swing, the intermediate stage between production and manufacture.

The trip may seem too long on this short time Cuba Holidays but the nitty-gritty of the travel experience is in the tours whereby you can discover nature, chat with nice and talkative countryside people, and buy –in the case of diehard smokers- a peerless Habano.

Vueltabajo is a region of vast tobacco plantation and one of the most important location you are going to visit on this Holidays in Cuba. In addition, two years ago, the so called Ruta de las Aguas (Water's Route) opened to the public as a result of the increasing demand among visitors that care for their heath during their Cuba Holidays and have experienced the benefits of healthful mineral springs.

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