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Cuban Music, magic power on your holidays - IV

When discipline and sacrifices become an artist

Everyone knows that all great pianists like Frank Fernandez should resort to a very strict discipline. On this amazing Cuba Holidays you are going to meet a man that believe that being an artist, no matter how great or famous you might be, can only be possible by means of sacrifice at any rate, a little bit of talent and bullet-proof daily discipline. It is worth a try to travel to Cuba on this Caribbean Holidays to enjoy the music of a man of strong believes and a man of fingers likes an angel on the keyboard of his piano.

During your Cuba Holidays you will discover that Mr. Frank Fernandez plays classical and popular music in the same mastery breath. . He got acquainted with classical music as a child in his home since his mother was a piano teacher and principal of the Music Academy in Mayari. Also in Martin Malendez's house, the director of his hometown's municipal band where he also met the best popular artists of that time who used to visit the place to show their respect to that family of superb and intuitive musicians. Even four of five of their children also received an academic training and poured the very best of their creative energies into the best genres of Cuba's popular music. As part of this special all inclusive holidays in Cuba you will find out that far as preferences as concerned, Mr. Fernandez said: "everybody knows around 90 percent of my career has been developed in the realm of universal classical and Cuban music, yet I feel as much pleasure playing the five Beethoven concerts as playing a bolero, or just when I accompany a good song written by any of my good friends and top performers of this particular genre."

Discovering the greatest moments of Frank Fernandez career will be an unforgettable experience on this summer holidays.

Discovering the secrets of the greatest moment of Frank Fernandez career will be an experience to live on this Cuba Holidays. In the 44 years of his career, there have been great and unforgettable moments in his life that come to his mind effortlessly and he likes to share with you on this Caribbean Holidays. These special moments are saying by his own words: "My debut with Cuba's National Symphonic Orchestra at the age of 19. My presentation at the Shauspielhaus Hall in Berlin and the emotional silence of the German public when I finished playing Schumann's Fantasy, followed by a prolonged standing ovation that forced me to come back onstage nine times to take a bow. The fact that I was picked to play Thaikovski's First Concert at the Smatena Hall in Prague with that city's Symphonic Orchestra 100 years after the day when composer Piotr Ilich led the orchestra in that same auditorium. When I played solo for the first time ever next to the National Symphonic Orchestra with the five Beethoven concerts for two nights in a row, egged on by the enthusiasm of the audience because plenty of people couldn't sit in the hall and stayed outside the venue claiming for a second performance.

Besides being a superb performer, we can also talk about Frank Fernandez as an arranger and composer. On your luxury holidays in Cuba you are going to meet a great Cuban writer and essayist like Guillermo Rodriguez Rivera to broach that subject:

"... with his integrating capacity, he manages to blend different sound worlds that find out and complement one another thanks to his talent. Out of that mixture, a magical music universe is born, a realm where, for the proud sake of Cuban music, the unmistakable art of maestro Frank Fernandez lords its way."

What do your Cuba Holidays need to be perfect?

There are a lot of things that influences your all inclusive holidays in Cuba to be perfect as well as there are plenty of things that influences Frank Fernandez music to be perfect too. He thinks he has got all the influences of the good music you listen to in this world, and sometimes he guess he can remember things from past lives.

The excellence of his presentations is capable of conveying us to a different dimension on these holidays in Cuba as if you were walking on air. We are sure that after admiring one presentation of Frank Fernandez you will agree with us that a part of that sensation is owed to his body language. Finding the root of that expressive strength he has always been marked by is a challenge on this Caribbean Holidays in Cuba.

Only on this musical Cuba Holidays you will realize that according to Fran Fernandez experience there are two kinds of gestures; forethought gestures as elements of the performing arts used to impress the audience when you can not play with your hands the music the composer is demanding. And there are the gestures that sprout up out of muscular contradictions generated by well-played and moving music. Once again you are going to meet a special person, the great Dominican pianist, critic and writer Aida Bonelly, a graduate from the Julliard School in New York City, which will be the one that speaks you out about the root of what some people call the power of communication.

"What's the magic of the unanimous response of the mixed audience that stands up and applauds hilariously? It can be said that some respond to an instinctive emotion. The most experienced ones jump to a knee-jerk trigger before thinking twice. Their emotional inner have been touched by the intensity of the blaring sounds now fading away. A contagious wave agitates the jubilant audience. This plural manifestation of sudden enthusiasm occurs every time Frank Fernandez makes one of his extraordinary performances of peerless piano."

Frank Fernandez: a genial performer.

There are plenty of important personalities that can talk to you about Mr. Fernandez music. However, there is nothing best that having the possibility of admiring him with your all senses thank to this Cuba Holidays. It is maybe the huge amplitude of the dynamic arch he runs from his fortissimos to his pianissimos. After enjoying one concert of Frank Fernandez as part of your all inclusive holidays in Cuba, you will bet that helps, but he discovers swift contrasts that no other performer can churn out. Frank Fernandez is all sound quality and an array of melodic lines that usually passes by unnoticed in other performing versions. That is his contribution to the interest in musical form. He disregards ornamentation because he manages to go to the pith of the matter as a whole. He enriches texture by highlighting the volume of apparently non-functional melodic cores. In Sonata Aurora he reveals findings that Beethoven himself would have unearthed in his time.

During your Christmas Holidays in Cuba you will also discover something about the magic of Frank Fernandez's playing style lies in his phrasing resiliency and urging fluency. He catches his breath between phrases as he breaks the humdrum style other performers dear so much. He turns to dynamic resources, pitch alterations of extreme clarification that only a few musicians can pull off. In a word, Frank Fernandez is a genial performer.

Enjoying the music of one of the best pianist of the world during your Cuba Holidays

Frank Fernandez should be pencilled in as one of the top-five pianists of the moment, the piano man that leads the pack of his peers because he can play the entire repertoire in his own style, enhanced through the discovery of secrets nobody but he can disclose. That is why attending to one of his concert during your Cuba Holidays will be an experience to keep in your mind forever.

Thanks to these holidays in Cuba you will have the chance of admiring one of the best Cuban musicians and realizing that Frank Fernandez raises technical difficulty levels to a new benchmark that will be left as homework for the handful of concert pianists who could someday be up to par with him, if ever. I'm talking about the glissandi at simultaneous intervals of second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth, just because the black keyboards and the octaves were, well, a cakewalk for Frank Fernandez Loor, the genial pianist who has grown out of his breeches –in the good sense of the expression- thanks to hard work, dedication and unbeatable passion.

A musician that has never worked to win prizes

Your Cuba Holidays will give you the possibility of knowing not only a talented musician but also a marvellous man. He is not proud of his most important presentations, concerts, recognitions and awards because he is a humble man. He has never worked to win awards or get recognitions, even when they cannot be compared to the joyfulness he feels when the audience listens to his music and applauds him. Every time he is rewarded for his work, he appreciates it very much and that makes he feels very happy.

On this luxury holidays in Cuba you will also meet a famous Cuban musician Harold Gramatges winner of Tomas Luis de Victoria Award to wrap things up:

"The climax of the program went to the hands of pianist Frank Fernandez. The story goes that when Rachmaninov took that piece of Paganini –the greatest violin virtuoso of his time- made up of four sounds to develop the variations that form the Rhapsody, he thought no one else but him –that fabulous pianist of his time, too- could do that piece. The piano acrobatics of the Rhapsody over a piece composed by Paganini leads performers to subvert the means over the end. But this technically genial composition, beyond the inner fibbers of its bedrock, embraces a spring of poetic content as if a garden of beautiful flowers would be blooming inside a heavy jungle. With his vast musical knowledge, his profound sensitivity and virtuoso's skills, maestro Frank Fernandez took us to that hidden garden as if in an act of artistic magic and revelation. He sincerely said: Thank you, maestro!"

Ernesto Lecuona: From the Caribbean to the World Musical Stage

Cuba has plenty of famous musicians that will be waiting for you on this Cuba Holidays in order to make you live the magic of theirs music. We can spend days making a list with their name however, on the first ones will be a name that has international fame and it is Ernesto Lecuona. A prolific Cuban composer, maestro Ernesto Lecuona, the child of a couple of Canary islanders, was born in Guanabacoa in 1896 and died in his parents' homeland in 1963. Considered a world-class musician, he took in all the influence of African and Caribbean beats in his hometown of Guanabacoa, a village pretty near the city of Havana, a place that you can visit during your holidays in Cuba. Later on, he absorbed the best of the Spanish music that composers like Falla and Albeniz were making at the time.

Only on this special Caribbean Holidays in Cuba you will know more about this prodigy of superb talent and sensitivity, Lecuona, who excelled on the keyboard at the early age of five, when he performed his first concert. He started writing his first works when he was only 12. In 1913, as he graduated from the National Music Conservatory where he came out with a gold medal as the first students of his class, Lecuona cranked up a successful musical career. On your Cuba Holidays you are going to agree that Lecuona is by and large considered the best-known Cuban musician of all time with a catalogue of over 600 pieces under his belt, many of them including anthological masterpieces like Siboney, Siempre en mi Corazon, Damisela Encantadora, La Comparsa, Ahi Viene el Chino, Arrullo de Palma, La Malaguena and Danza Lucumi. Your all inclusive holidays in Cuba are not going to be complete if you do not listen to these songs that have become classics of the Cuban music.

When a Cuban man become a musical legend

This Cuba Holidays will provide you the unique opportunity of knowing more about a man that has become a legend of the Cuban music. Dances, zarzuelas and piano compositions add up seventy in all. His role in discovering and launching some of the most prestigious all-time Cuban singers in Europe and America was paramount. Those artists soon became faithful performers of his compositions. Lecuona was a gifted pianist of exceptional qualities that made huge contributions to Cuba's piano music, especially with the use of certain rhythms. He made concerts in different countries, chiefly all across Europe and the Americas.

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