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memories miramar + bella costa

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Cuba Holidays

Cienfuegos Holidays


Cienfuegos: It is the city that I like the most to spend my Cuba Holidays. In the central south of the Island of Cuba, there is the perfect place for you to spend your Cuba Holidays: the province of Cienfuegos.  It was founded in 1819 by Frenchman Luis D´Clovert under the name of Fernandina de Jagua, however, Cienfuegos is popularly known as La Perla ...

Cuba: Cienfuegos Holidays

Guardalavaca Holidays


The name means Watch the Cow and possibly has something to do with the fact that during the XVIII century, Buccaneers traded cattle and foodstuff with Creole traders reluctant to obey strict Spanish colonial trading regulations. It is said the beach was used for these shipping. Guardalavaca is the ideal destination for Cuba holidays . The best way to start twin ...

Cuba: Guardalavaca Holidays

Havana Holidays


Havana is the capital city of Cuba, covering some 740 square kilometres. Although Havana is the smallest city of the country, it has the largest population; in excess of 2 million inhabitants.
After several attempts to establish the city in an area located to the south coast where Havana of today is located, by 1519, settlement had taken place around ...

Cuba: Havana Holidays

Cuban Keys Holidays


Cuba the secret of the Keys
Beautiful beaches full of Coral reefs, autochthonous vegetation and the best services and accommodation of Cuba distinguish the Cuban keys as well as your luxury holidays in Cuba. You can easily reach to these keys by sea, air or through the "Pedraplen" that connect them to the island.

Their beautiful ...

Cuba: Cuban Keys Holidays

Other regions in Cuba Holidays


Other regions in Cuba
As of 1976, it was necessary to appropriately divide the Cuban country according with the needs of planning, administration and the control of economic, political and social activities.
Cuba is currently divided into 14 provinces and 169 municipalities, one of them with special characteristics and status. From west to ...

Cuba: Other regions in Cuba Holidays

Holguin Holidays


Holguin and cuba holidays
The eastern Cuban province of Holguin is one of the fastest-growing destinations in the Caribbean Island's tourist industry, due to its unique natural wealth with pristine beaches and exuberant vegetation and the existence of excellent places where vacationers can spend their holidays.
The history of the region dates ...

Cuba: Holguin Holidays

Pinar del Rio Holidays


Pinar del Rio and cuba holidays
At about 150 Km West of Havana City the colourful province of Pinar del Rio, is located.It is a land with plenty of fertile soils, water springs, rivers and rain forest areas in which there is an exclusive flora and fauna and there are multiple possibilities of exploring caverns and caves or hike in valleys and mountains. ...

Cuba: Pinar del Rio Holidays

Sancti Spiritus Holidays


Sancti Spiritus Overview Sancti Spiritus was one of the first seven towns founded by Spanish conqueror Diego Velazquez in the island. After the founding of Bayamo, the second town, he decided to build that of La Santisima Trinidad and another, which he would call Espiritu Santo (Holy Ghost), around 1514, becoming a new populated area in the site ...

Cuba: Sancti Spiritus Holidays

Santa Clara Holidays


Santa Clara
Santa Clara is the capital city of the Cuban province of Villa Clara. It is located in the most central region of the province and almost in the most central region of the country
Santa Clara was founded by 175 people on July 15th, 1689. One hundred and thirty-eight of them were represented by two large families already living ...

Cuba: Santa Clara Holidays

Santiago de Cuba Holidays


Taking to the streets of Santiago de Cuba will inevitably make you fall in love with the city. Pulsating, passionate colourful — the birthplace of Cuba’s revolution resonates with an eclectic fusion of cultures (from Spanish and African to Native Indian and Creole) whose influences ooze from every pore of the city’s being, from its love for hot music and dance ...

Cuba: Santiago de Cuba Holidays

Trinidad Holidays


Trinidad Founded by Diego Velazquez en 1514 with the name of Villa De la Santisima Trinidad, it is considered the best conserved colonial city in the Caribbean. Trinidad was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988 thanks to its architectural and historical value which is perfectly conserved. Also known as the Museum City of the Caribbean Sea, it ...

Cuba: Trinidad Holidays

Varadero Holidays


Varadero is considered to be Cuba's premier beach resort, with miles of dazzling white sand stretching along the coast. It is no wonder Varadero captivates even the most experienced of travellers.
Varadero is a 27 Km long peninsula, located to the north central area of the Cuban Island.
Varadero was discovered as a beach resort after 1945, ...

Cuba: Varadero Holidays
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