Solo female travel is increasingly popular and with good reason. It’s a great way to travel inexpensively, meet new people, and explore a new city. However, traveling alone comes with its own set of challenges, and making safe choices can help ensure your solo female travels are worthwhile.

Traveling solo as a woman can be an exciting experience, but before you pack up for your next trip, it’s important to keep in mind some safety tips. Here are tips for making the most out of your adventures.

  1. Be aware of your surroundings.

When you are out and about, especially at night, be aware of your surroundings. If you are planning on drinking, find a safe place to do it. Walk to the bar, do not hail a cab, or ask someone to bring you home.

  1. Don’t drink and drive.

It is worth remembering that even if you are just going out for drinks, always designate a driver. If you are celebrating, have a cab pick you up and take you home. If you go out dancing, catch a bus or a train.

  1. Know where you are going.

Before heading out, research your destinations thoroughly. Be familiar with nearby ATMs, medical facilities, police stations, and train stations.

  1. Call home.

Before you head out, call a family member, let them know where you are going, and have an idea of how long you will be out. 

  1. If you’re traveling alone, make sure someone knows your travel plans.

It’s dangerous to travel alone, so if you’re traveling alone, make sure someone knows where you’re going and when you should be back. Traveling alone isn’t something to fear—in fact, it can be very rewarding. If you plan well, traveling alone can be a great way to meet new people.

  1. 6. Use your credit card for purchases while staying in a hotel, and keep an eye on your credit card statements

Whether you’re traveling solo, it pays to keep a close eye on your credit card statements to protect yourself against fraud.

  1. Use hotel security to your advantage

If you’re traveling alone, it’s hard not to feel vulnerable. But you’ll never know unless you put yourself out there. And while you’re at it, take advantage of hotel security, too. For example, report any suspicious persons or activities.

  1. Stay in well-lit areas, and keep a hold of your belongings.

Keep yourself well-lit. When you have your travel documents with you, carry them with you in a wallet or ID case that’s visible to your side. It’s safer that way. Keep hold of your belongings. Have your belongings with you at all times. If you lose them, you won’t be able to enjoy what your destination has to offer.

  1. If you feel unsafe, find safe spaces near you.

Traveling alone can be exciting, but it can also be scary. If you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, don’t stay in that space. Find safe spaces near you. Use the app Safe Trek to find lodging, dining, and events near you. Safe Trek alerts you of nearby safe spaces and cell towers and allows you to message other users.

Traveling to an unknown destination alone can be intimidating. Women traveling alone may feel particularly vulnerable. Women traveling solo should never feel unsafe, but they should practice awareness of their surroundings, particularly for personal safety.

Solo female travel is a different beast altogether, however. Where one girl might feel vulnerable and isolated, another woman may see things differently. Of course, as with many things in life, it all comes down to perspective.